Some of the Myths & Legends of Borneo:
  1. The Legend of Puteri Santubong and Puteri Sejinjang - According to this myth, two beautiful princesses lived on Mount Santubong and Mount Sejinjang. They were skilled weavers and competed to see who was the best. The competition turned into a fight, and they both fell to their deaths. Today, their mountains still stand as a reminder of their rivalry.
  2. The Legend of Keling - This myth tells the story of a brave warrior named Keling who fought against a dragon that was terrorizing a village. He defeated the dragon, but was cursed and turned into stone. Today, his statue can be found on the island.
  3. The Legend of the Hornbill - In Borneo, the hornbill is a revered bird that is often associated with legends and folklore. One myth tells the story of a woman who was transformed into a hornbill to escape from her abusive husband. She lived in the forest with the other hornbills and was eventually turned back into a human by a kind-hearted man.
  4. The Legend of the Crocodile - In Borneo, the crocodile is also a revered creature, and there are many myths and legends about them. One such myth tells the story of a woman who was kidnapped by a crocodile and taken to its lair. Her husband eventually rescued her, but the crocodile came after them, and they had to use their wits to escape.
  5. The Legend of the Giant - This myth tells the story of a giant who lived on the island and would often come down to the villages to steal food. The villagers tried to catch him, but he was too strong. Eventually, a brave warrior managed to outsmart him and capture him. The giant promised to never steal again, and the villagers let him go.

These are just a few of the many myths and legends of Borneo. Each story is unique and reflects the culture and beliefs of the people who have lived on the island for centuries.
Myths & Legends