What is Sundaland?

Sundaland is an historical landmass that comprised the Malay peninsula, Borneo, Sumatra, Java, Bali and several of the smaller islands surrounding them today. The eastern boundary, Wallace Line, is an imaginary faunal boundary that separates it from the historic landmass of  Sahul, or Meganesia - i.e. Australia, New Guinea, Tasmania and nearby islands. 

The landmass was around twice the size of current-day India and dwarfed the Indian subcontinent. The region was largely submerged by rising sea levels following the retreat of the last Ice Age, and  subsequently forgotten.

Located within the Ring of Fire, a highly active volcanic zone, the eruptions deposited lava that turned into very rich soils for agriculture and forests. This developed into a habitat for some of the richest fauna on Earth.