the drastic decline of earth's bird population


Ipakshi was born of a passion for the celebration and preservation of our majestic feathered friends, not just for the twitchers among us, but more importantly for the pivotal role birds play within their habitats
Birds are nature's warning signal, and their intelligence continues to surprise us as we slowly scratch the surface of their innate genius.

The Helmeted Hornbill, one of our featured birds this season, is happiest when eating this most sumptuous fruit. As such, these wonderful birds are hugely reliable indicators of the health of a forest as they will only reside (and dine!) in the most abundant and pristine of lowland tropical rainforests.

Far be it from them to merely consume, their penchant for fruit makes them valuable seed dispersers that extend and perpetuate the lush forests in which they roam. Without this organic seed distribution, the fruit may not be as abundant, and in time might not find their way to our plates – will that be when we listen?

Somewhat blinded by the pleasure they bring with their beauty and graceful flight, the common eye may fail to see the huge impact birds have on the world around us. As we finally start to grasp the magnitude of the declining bee population, we are forced to the realisation that they are not the only winged creatures to which our ecology owes a great deal.

We respectfully invite you to spend a few minutes observing a bird through the day. Consider all the places it lands, how it eats, how it drinks, where it ventures. Catch just a glimpse of its busy life, where no effort is wasted and everything is done with intention. We have so much to learn, and Ipakshi is passionate about sharing the myths, wisdom and wonder of all birds so we can appreciate and protect these magical allies.