IPAKSHI derives from the Hindi word for bird, 'pakshi'


Since time immemorial our ancestors have recorded life around them in forms that we are still discovering. Early stories scripted in petroglyphs on walls and rocks are where the Ipkashi story begins.

Many creatures have been lost through the annals of time. And despite the help of fossil records, buried bones and human insignias from long ago, one can only begin to imagine the array of creatures that have called this planet their home through the ages; many that we may never know. Petroglyphs serve to educate us not only on what was but so too what was lost.

Ipakshi founder Anjali Hood hatched the idea of making modern day memories of endangered birds through her bespoke prints, partnering with BirdLife International to raise awareness of the birds in the IUCN Red List.

The pride of Ipakshi is the colours and patterns inspired by the birds – this will always be the heart of the brand. Sharing the beauty of these birds and raising awareness of the importance of preserving them for generations to come is the driving force.

To support the birds, we must also support the communities in which they exist. Preservation doesn't stop with a donation, it must support the indigenous culture and crafts and engage the locals in bird conservation. As such Ipakshi also showcases local artisans from the native regions of these endangered birds, giving them a platform on which to share their skills.

Ipakshi offers a creative response to conservation, understanding that we must celebrate the beauty of nature around us, whilst also preserving the richness of our planet's wonderful species.